Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This song is rockin' my Wednesday morning

Toby Lightman has a fantastic voice and I love this song.

Strange how music grabs you in marketing ~ "Let Go" is featured in a new ad for Redken products, which popped up while I was listening to Dave Matthews Band and noodling around on Facebook this morning. The song grabbed me, and I stayed right there and watched/listened to a Redken ad on a video on how to choose your blonde color and then style your hair like Farrah Fawcett just so I could maybe find out who it was in the end credits. Lucky me, they credited Toby and gave a link to her web site. Check her out ~ I listened to a bunch of her songs on youtube and will definitely be picking up her album.

Disclaimer: Redken has never heard of me. My hair products come from the local big box discount retailer. I haven't colored my hair since 1988, I think. lol Toby Lightman? Has also never heard of me. I was just blown away by her voice and the sassy tone of this song.

Eh, why are you still here? Go listen to the music!

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