Sunday, August 21, 2011

My chat with a psychic...

So, this is my first compensated post, which is to say that I received a free psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics in return for writing about my experience. Thanks, Cecily for the hook-up for the free reading!

First, let me say that I've never consulted a psychic before. I had a friend read tarot cards for me once, but she was new to the process, and it was very "hit or miss". I'm also a confirmed skeptic, usually trusting my own thoughts and abilities far more so than anyone else's, at least when it comes to predicting my future (and my future behaviors!) but since this was at zero risk to my pocketbook, I figured why not try it.

I called the toll-free number for Hollywood Psychics, and was directed to a series of greetings recorded by each psychic/medium/reader. I listened for a few minutes, then chose to speak with Maya, who described herself as clairvoyant. Within moments, she was on the line at a rate of $2.29 per minute. We spoke for about 20-25 minutes.

My first question was about my love life, of course. I'm almost divorced, and I have someone in my life that I refer to as my "not-boyfriend". lol He's an old flame that rekindled last fall after my husband and I separated. Without any information other than his name, she told me that his work keeps him away from me far more than either of us likes (which is actually why he's my "not-boyfriend"!) and that we have a shot at a life together, which made me feel good. She was pretty vague, of course...which is what I expected. Still, I give her points for getting the reason why we're not actual boyfriend/girlfriend right on the first try. There were other things said, of course...she said he's an "excellent match" for me, but that "he's afraid" of how quickly things have been moving (me, too!), yet he's "very passionate" about me. Again, generalities that anyone could say at the beginning stages of almost any love relationship.

My next question was about Miss M. She asked her age & name, and then started talking about some boy that M's supposedly interested in, and what a bad influence this boy could be. I stopped her there, explainling that M is IDD, and that while she's interested in boys, she isn't in a position to be influenced one way or another. I consider that portion of the reading to be a total FAIL. If she were truly a psychic/clairvoyant, wouldn't she be able to tell that M is a special-needs kid? I did explain that she had totally missed that one, and she was apologetic.

Still, I continued with the reading.

Next, I asked for a spirit contact with my deceased father. She said, "He's sitting back, approving of your choices but always expecting more from you." That's dead-on (no pun intended!) and is exactly how my dad acted when he was alive. Of course, once again ~ extremely general. She did spend about 5 minutes telling me that if I want him to stay a part of my life (through dreams) I need to plant a tree in his honor, talk to him, etc. if I want him to remain available to me. I talk to my dad daily. Sometimes multiple times per day.

Lastly, I asked if I should stick with my career or go back to school. She told me to go back to school, since my career will be affected by the financial issues the nation is facing. (Again, an easy generality.)

When I tried to get off the phone with her, she offered a couple of additional pieces of info, which I'm including here so we can see what said that Texas will suffer a massive natural disaster in February, and recommended stockpiling food, since it will be difficult to obtain then. She also said that she and "2 or 3" others have been talking about a "political calamity", also forecasted for February 2012, but she couldn't get more specific.

Like I indicated above, I am a skeptic. Most of what she said was general enough that it could be true of almost anyone, and she completely bombed on the question about my daughter. She was very personable and nice, but I also felt like she was trying to extend the conversation (talking about her research, etc. into various things, including past-lives, which I never asked about, and how to keep your deceased loved ones in contact with you, and clairvoyance) and offering the predictions about next February after I told her I was finished with my reading and ready to get off the phone. If I'd been paying for the reading out of pocket, she'd have earned about an additional $20, just from drawing the conversation out.

Would I call again? Not on my dime.

But if there's a massive natural disaster here in February? I might have to think about that....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A book meme!

Ree did the meme, and challenged her readers to do it, too, so here's mine! :)

Most memorable place/experience reading a book?
On the back porch at my husband's grandfather's house in NE TN ~ it was foggy, there were geese honking overhead, and I was freezing, but I loved every second of it.

Most unusual place/experience reading a book?
In my treehouse. It wasn't really a house, just a bunch (like five!) trees that grew together in such a way that there was a reading nook amongst the branches. I hung out there all summer one year, reading Nancy Drew books and Trixie Belden books.

Most dangerous place/experience reading a book?
On the front of a speedboat in the lake. I lost my Wayfarer sunglasses (!!) AND my book when the water-skiier we were pulling fell, and the captain of the boat made a radical right turn to go back to collect the skiier. He also had to come back and collect me. I couldn't swim, but fortunately was an expert treader of water. The book? Not so much. It was fish-food. :D

Most luxurious place/experience reading a book?
In the Mayflower Hotel, NYC. A ginormous claw-footed tub, a ton of bubble bath, and a very damp novel. :) It was heaven.

Funniest place/experience reading a book?
I read everywhere. On the toilet, while cooking dinner, while watching bad television, while walking...and walking and reading is NOT recommended for klutzy people like me. I walked myself right into a light post. Had a big ol' black eye from that experience.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I've been writing...

...but I can't post any of it here. Too open. I know I don't have very many readers, but I am easy to locate IRL with this blog address. I think I may have to set up a private blog to deal with some of my life confusion.

I got my first diary when I was 7 years old. It was small, with a tiny brass lock and key. I didn't have a key to our house, so I didn't have a key fob. I made one from ribbon and buttons from my mom's sewing stash, put my diary key on it, and started to write. Since then, I've filled countless pages with thoughts and doodles, lists, goals, dreams and aspirations, the occasional pressed flower or leaf...just my small life writ even smaller, I suppose. I rarely look at my old journals ~ once something is written there, it generally stays there. (An aside: My mom read my diary [oh, the betrayal!] when I was a teenager, so for a couple of years the books are full of code words and symbols. Also many blatant lies to see if she was still reading. [She was.]) The thought of writing in those books for an audience? Not gonna happen. They are written to purge ~ to get the broad strokes of my feelings and thoughts out of my head so I can concentrate on looking at things logically.

Blogging is different. The expectation is that I am writing for an audience of one. I am writing for me, of course ~ after all, what else is blogging but navel-gazing? ~ but I am also writing for you. So not hitting "publish" is kicking my butt. Besides, I'm guessing that there are others who read me who are or have been at the crossroads I find myself facing.

All of this to ask, if you have an opinion ~ where should I put my private blog? It can't reside on blogger, obviously, since all my IRL and wider-web stuff links up here. I need the ability to password protect postings. Typepad? Moveable Type? Some other platform? Help a girl out, please?! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Linky Love

I can't help it ~ I don't wanna write tonight. Too much swirling in my brain to pin anything down coherently. I've been noodling around my "Favorites" list instead of writing, so here are a few things that I love today:


Joshilyn Jackson at Faster Than Kudzu is having a contest. Go enter if you want to read Stieg Larsson's current release The Girl Who Played With Fire. JJ is one of my super-favorite Southern authors, and Larsson's writing is superb. Highly recommended!

I love free internet radio. I've been jamming at Jango for a couple of weeks now. I started at Pandora but much prefer the search functionality at Jango. Go! Listen to music! Be inspired!

(Start here: )

And have a fantastic Thursday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This song is rockin' my Wednesday morning

Toby Lightman has a fantastic voice and I love this song.

Strange how music grabs you in marketing ~ "Let Go" is featured in a new ad for Redken products, which popped up while I was listening to Dave Matthews Band and noodling around on Facebook this morning. The song grabbed me, and I stayed right there and watched/listened to a Redken ad on a video on how to choose your blonde color and then style your hair like Farrah Fawcett just so I could maybe find out who it was in the end credits. Lucky me, they credited Toby and gave a link to her web site. Check her out ~ I listened to a bunch of her songs on youtube and will definitely be picking up her album.

Disclaimer: Redken has never heard of me. My hair products come from the local big box discount retailer. I haven't colored my hair since 1988, I think. lol Toby Lightman? Has also never heard of me. I was just blown away by her voice and the sassy tone of this song.

Eh, why are you still here? Go listen to the music!