Thursday, August 27, 2009

Linky Love

I can't help it ~ I don't wanna write tonight. Too much swirling in my brain to pin anything down coherently. I've been noodling around my "Favorites" list instead of writing, so here are a few things that I love today:


Joshilyn Jackson at Faster Than Kudzu is having a contest. Go enter if you want to read Stieg Larsson's current release The Girl Who Played With Fire. JJ is one of my super-favorite Southern authors, and Larsson's writing is superb. Highly recommended!

I love free internet radio. I've been jamming at Jango for a couple of weeks now. I started at Pandora but much prefer the search functionality at Jango. Go! Listen to music! Be inspired!

(Start here: )

And have a fantastic Thursday.

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