Friday, November 07, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 7

Today was a really bad day for me, painwise, so I'm going to keep this short, I think. Just get my post for the day in get back to my room and the dark. I can't take an anti-nausea pill until after Maddy's last diaper, so I'll just rest quietly until then.

I hate what migraine pain does to me. It takes me out of my life and pushes me into a dark room. If I come out of that room, I must wear my darkest sunglasses (inside the house!) to even be able to deal with the sunlight coming in through the (closed) blinds on the windows. Loud noises make me retch. I have a constant sick feeling in my stomach. Strong smells make me throw up. Lights, sounds, smells ~ even touch ~ can make me dry heave and/or puke. Today was a gorgeous day outside, but it was a miserable one inside my head. Spike the Migraine Squirrel was playing games with me all day and into the night. As soon as 2 AM comes, I can do Maddy's last diaper change of the night and then crawl into the blessed dark of my bedroom and (hopefully!) sleep this pain away.

Only 3 more hours to go. I can survive this, minute by minute, because I must. Tomorrow is Saturday and we have big plans around the house, so I just have to be better when I awake.

Wish me luck with it.

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