Saturday, November 08, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 8

Today was Saturday, and I had a headache for most of it. Manageable, but still there ~ about a 4-5 for most of the day. T had the day off from work, so I was able to take my rescue meds and rest for a couple of hours. It helped.

Tomorrow? Laundry, of course. That's what I do every Sunday. Plus, I need to get the bird feeders out and set up for the winter months. It's been pretty chilly here the last few nights, and while they are used to having water, they aren't used to having food. I'm sure my feathered friends will appreciate the extra seeds during the chill of November through ~ well, about March, most likely. lol At least until the bugs are back! Whenever the hummingbirds start coming back, I'll start tapering off on the seeds for the regular birds and concentrate on the sugar water for the hummingbirds.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and sunny ~ around 75 degrees! so it will be a good day to hang out in the yard. I need to do a little trimming and weeding out there, too. Not too much, but a bit. I also need to put up my flag. I haven't flown my American flag for the last several years because I was so disappointed in the way it had been co-opted by the WingNuts. I'm feeling more hopeful, so I will put my flag back out. :)

Better run ~ T has warmed up a movie in the player and so we're going to kick back and catch a flick. Have a great Saturday, blogland!

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