Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 19

Shew ~ just under the wire tonight. I woke up feeling so well today that I've been baby stepping my way through the house. :) I also ran over to Michael's to pick up a cake round for Maddy's birthday cake. I even felt well enough to walk over there. Yippee!

Tomorrow is Thursday, and my plan is to make the cupcakes for the school party for Friday and wash the china and silver. Aside from those "chores" (not really ~ I enjoy doing both of those things!) I have nothing on my plate for the day. :) Maybe I'll actually do something for me. We'll see how I feel.

Better run ~ I want to go watch Sunday's "Dexter" before I hit the hay. Have a great night!

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sue said...

hooray for feeling better