Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 18

Prepare yourselves ~ it's gonna be a dull update. ;)

Seriously, I've got nothing. My SIL called this evening and cancelled for Saturday, so we're back down to 6 for lunch. I'm sorry that they won't be here ~ I was really looking forward to seeing her and the boys. At the same time, I'm a little relieved ~ it takes the pressure off me to only have to cook for a few rather than a crew. ;)

The house looks even better today than it did yesterday, and I'm still trucking along. 15 minutes at a time, baby ~ and it's working. I'm actually starting to feel like we really live here now...and we've only been here for two years. The main part of the house has been fine, but my office? Has always been a distaster. With it completed, I just feel so much more relaxed. Why didn't I do this sooner?!? (To be fair, when we first moved in, I had it almost set up and then Momma got sick and was coming here for hospice care, so I had to completely dismantle the room and set it up for her sick room. Still, that was almost 2 years (!!) ago now and I should have finished up in here forever ago.)

I can't wait until the party is over and I can start scrapbooking in my room. :) I will have it pristine until Sunday, then all bets are off! lol

My headache broke this morning around 5:30 ~ which was good. I worked my way through most of it. Couldn't sleep anyway, so why bother trying? I went to bed when Maddy's nurse arrived at 6:30 or so. Slept for about 6 hours and have been working like crazy since then. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today ~ wonderful to be in the garage, getting things done. Only a few more hours of work and I will be ready. :)

Better run ~ my 15 minutes are short and I want to check in on my FB friends. :) Have a great night!

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