Monday, November 17, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 17

Monday, Monday.

I had a great day, right up until about 8:30, when another cool front came in and thrust me deep into migraine hell. Unfortunately for me, I am out of my meds for the month, so I have to wait to take rescue meds ~ and I can't take those until after Maddy's last diaper change. Until then, I will try to stay on top of the pain with breathing exercises, meditation, and dark, quiet rooms. The nausea is the worst part of that for me ~ I can usually maintain against the pain, but the feeling like I need to puke is harder to fight against. I know that tossing my cookies won't help ~ it will actually make the pain worse ~ so I try really hard to keep it at bay.


I did get quite a lot accomplished today, before the headache hit. I even cooked dinner and had coffee ready when T came home from work. My bird feeders are up and stocked, the office is finished (!!) and I did some rearranging in the garage so I can actually find the things I use often. Our house is severely lacking in inside storage, so I'm very thankful for the garage, but it can get overwhelming in there in a hurry. 15 minutes at a time, though, and I am taking care of the mess. :)

My task for the next 15 minute session is locating and washing the tablecloths for the tables for Saturday. I will use the white lace cloth for the main table, and the cream lace cloth for the smaller table. I have cloth napkins that my mother made me that have "Happy Birthday" messages all over them, and I'll use those, along with the vintage silver that my sister found at an estate sale. I'm serving on my grandmother's china, since I have a complete service for 12. I haven't decided on the centerpiece yet ~ either fresh flowers or something fall. :) I'll set the table on Friday night so that will be one less thing to worry about on Saturday morning.

I made arrangements with Maddy's primary nurse to come in on Saturday morning and bathe and dress her for her party. That will allow me to concentrate on last minute preparations and getting myself ready. :) She's looking forward to seeing Maddy on her birthday, which makes the arrangement extra sweet. I love our nurses ~ they do so much for Maddy during the daylight hours, and that allows me to take care of the nights.

Better go ~ my 15 minutes are about up and I need to check my email and then get back to work. I just need to keep reminding myself (re: the headache) that I can bear or do anything for 15 minutes at a time. Anything.

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