Sunday, November 16, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 16

What a Sunday!

Maddy stayed up, literally, all night long last night. She was still awake when T got up at 7:05 this morning. Of course, this means I was awake all night long with her. That makes for one tired Mama, let me tell you.

Score one for me ~ the headache left at around 4:30 AM yesterday morning. I was able to do several 15 minute sessions in and around the house during the early morning hours, and then some more this afternoon. We had a lovely Sunday brunch at around 11:30, I napped from 4-5:30, and have almost completed the laundry for the day. Plus, the Cowboys pulled a win out of the hat, which made for lots of cheering and high fives around the house. ;) Maddy missed the game ~ she fell asleep at around 6:30 and has barely moved an inch since then. lol I suppose she'll sleep all night tonight and wake ready to go to school tomorrow. One can hope, right?

I simply cannot believe how good the house is looking. It's really all coming together! Yay!!! The timer is really helping me stay on track, as is the lack of the laptop computer. lol I can't get distracted by it when it isn't in the house. ;)

Better run ~ the dryer just buzzed and I need to go fold another load and put it away. Have a great night!

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bgwh said...

Yeah, my cats hate my laptop. Funny they haven't broken it. They'd get much, much more attention if it was broken.