Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 13

Today was really dull, so leave now if you haven't had your coffee, or stick around if you're ready to fall asleep. ;)

We're renters. We've lived in this house for 2 years now, and we've had many, many problems with water. The toilets ran (running up a $600+ water bill in the two weeks it took the landlord to get over here to fix them!), the cold water supply line in the laundry room broke (not the hose ~ the actual line in the wall!) and flooded the hallway, Maddy's room, her bathroom, and part of the dining room and kitchen, and the sink faucet has been a thorn in my side since day one. The landlord has been out to work on it at least 4 times that I can think of off the top of my head. This morning, though ~ it just wouldn't shut off. At all. And the cut off valve under the sink? Didn't work. Emergency call to the landlord, who came out around noon and wound up replacing the whole faucet. Yay! Shiny new faucet! Boo! No sprayer attachment! lol Hey, at least it only took a few hours to get him out here this time ~ I wonder how much water was wasted between 6:30 and 12:30? Ugh. Dread that water bill! (I did save some for plants and filled up a couple of gallon jugs I had in the garage, but I just couldn't save all of it....)

I had a doc appointment scheduled for 5:00. No biggie ~ just a med check and refills on my BP meds and my anti-anxiety meds. I made the appointment on Friday, and yesterday was my last dosage of each of my meds. My cell phone was in my purse, turned off, of course, since I've been home all week with the migraine from hell. As I was prepping to walk out the door, I pulled the phone out and turned it on, where I found four messages from the doctor's offce, cancelling and rescheduling my appointment ~ for 3:00. Unfortunately, it was now 4:30. Why didn't they call the house? I was here, and I would have answered. Instead, they left increasingly urgent messages on my cell phone. Dumb. So I had to call them and plead for an emergency appointment for this evening ~ which I got! ~ and show up there for 6:00 PM. They're nice enough, but some of the office staff are a bit flighty. ;) I'm just glad I got in and got my new prescriptions. They are filled and waiting for bedtime. :) Yay!

One bonus of the delayed appointment was that I had time to drop off my laptop at the mailing center on my way. Yay! There has been a mailing center right around the corner from my subdivision for the last several years and it's right on my way out. I had been planning on walking over there tomorrow, but since I was already going to be out.... Anyway, I pulled into the lot and NO mailing center. They're gone! Closed! Kaput! Glad I didn't haul the 10+ lb. box up there using my feet. lol There's a UPS store on the other side of town, but it's right by my doc's office, so I stopped in over there instead. Made it to the appointment with 15 minutes to spare, too. :) I live in a 'burb, and walking to things is hard to accomplish unless they're close (no sidewalks, and walking along the side of our formerly country roads can be dangerous) so I like to try to combine things as much as possible.

On the way back, I dropped the prescriptions off at the pharmacy (45 minute wait) and ran to the Tar*get for some essentials (coffee, bread, fruit). Walked out of there $90 lighter. Oops. But, I did get the wrapping paper for Christmas gifts, a present for my sister (on sale!), two tees and a pair of shoes for Maddy (all on sale!), the napkins for her birthday party (at our house on the 22nd!) and some other pantry items (on sale!) Not a totally wasted trip. :) Most of my Christmas shopping is now done. I have items to order from two more places and then I am finished, I think. :) I'm actually itching to put the tree up this year, which never happens ~ I usually wait until Thanksgiving weekend. If I feel up to it, I may go ahead and decorate this weekend. I'd love for my family to see my tree ~ I don't think they've even been to our house during the season in the last 5 years ~ maybe more. It would be nice to have the decorations up for an extra week, too, since Thanksgiving is so late this year.

There I go again, planning out my weekend when I'm not even sure I'll be able to be mobile. lol I've been enforcing my "15 minutes at a time" rule in the office and it is coming along well, despite the headache. I even managed to clean things up on the days when my head was really bad. After all, if I can survive a migraine with no meds, I can clean for 15 minutes during it, right? (Okay, to be honest, it wasn't reallly cleaning ~ just sorting through papers and throwing most of them away. T filed the rest for me!) Still, I think that's a pretty big accomplishment.

If I feel as well tomorrow as I did today, I should have the office pretty much completed. :) Then I can decide whether or not to put up the tree before the party. :)

Wish me luck, and happy Thursday!

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hope the migraine takes a hike!