Friday, November 14, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 14

Just a quick update today, as I am sick again. We had a cold front gust in this afternoon and it brought a migraine with it, of course. Still, I've managed to almost complete the office and I'm very proud of myself for that. Wish I could have gotten it all done, but I'll take "almost", given the circumstances.

We're now one week out from Maddy's 12th birthday party and I have so much to do this week. I got my timer out and I will accomplish it all ~ in 15 minute increments. Fortunately, the house is neat and mostly picked up. I have one "hot spot" burning on the corner of the dining room table, but as soon as I get the office finished, I can put those things away. (Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!) and then it's just routine cleaning in preparation for the party. I do need to add vacuuming the baseboards to my list of things to do! I noticed this morning that they are looking a little dusty. I think I can finish vacuuming the whole house in about 2 hours. That's only 8 sessions with my timer. ;) Surely I can accomplish that in one day? I won't mop the floors until Friday night, so they'll be fresh and clean. I clean our bathroom on Sundays, and Maddy's bathroom daily, so those will be ready to go. I have about an hour or so of work in our bedroom (shelving books, freshening the curtains, etc.) and probably an hour of dusting to do, as well. Those I will save until Thursday. On Wednesday, I will bake and freeze the cake so it will be ready for decorations on Friday. The kitchen has about half an hour of deep cleaning (top of the fridge, tops of the cabinets to dust and cabinet fronts to polish) and it's ready to go. Thank goodness for FlyLady or I wouldn't be so prepared!

Time to run ~ I need to set the timer again and get to work. Only two more hours until last diaper of the night and then bedtime for me. :) Have a great Saturday morning, all, and I'll be back tomorrow! :) Maybe even with pics of the finished office! lol

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