Monday, October 01, 2007

A meme...

I AM: worried about Maddy.

I WISH: that I could call up Gayle. That I could fly. That I could go on vacation with my family.

I HATE: dirty floors, dusting, and putting away laundry.

I MISS: Momma. Gayle. Nana. My parents.

I HEAR: Maddy fussing. :(

I WONDER: what happens when we die. Is there life outside our five senses.

I REGRET: not getting my degree.

I AM NOT: thin.

I DANCE: like a white girl. Oh, wait ~ I am a white girl!

I SING: all the time.

I CRY: too often.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: on time. (I'm never on time!) Easy to get to know. In a good mood.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: meals for my family, delicious desserts and breads, scrapbooks, and beautiful hairstyles for Maddy (and me).

I WRITE: notes to myself, to-do lists, shopping lists, words of support and encouragement, blog entries, and notes in my scrapbooks.

I CONFUSE: pain and hunger. To the detriment of my waist!

I NEED: to go to sleep. My husband's strong arms around me. My daughter's laughter.

I SHOULD: put away that last load of (folded) laundry.

I START: many more projects than I could ever finish.

I FINISH: when I have a deadline.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged! :)

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