Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I lifted this meme from honor of Halloween.

Bold those you’ve seen. Italicize movies you have started but couldn’t finish. Add an asterisk* to those you have watched more than once. Underline those on your ‘To Watch’ list.

* The Shining* - REDRUM! REDRUM! The book is better (aren't they always?) but the creepiness of Jack Nicholson made the original really scary.
The Exorcist* - One of my all time favorite movies, not just of the scary variety.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - meh. Not high on my list.
* The Silence of the Lambs* - Scary, scary, scary! I've owned this one in all its iterations.
* JAWS* - I've always been afraid of the ocean. Despite the obviously mechanical shark, this movie only reinforced my fears. Especially when I went to the coast the summer after the release. *shudder*
* Halloween - Top ten, baby! Excellent fear factor. Bonus points for scaring the hell out of my little sister with a sheet over my head. ;)
Psycho* - Hitchcock is a genius. Period. Made me want to skip showers, forever.
* Seven - Her HEAD. Was. In. The Box!!! UGH!
* Rosemary’s Baby* - Mia Farrow creeps me out to begin with, and then she's pregnant with Satan's Spawn? *shudder*
* Poltergeist* - Saw this one at the theatre, with my parents and my little sister. :) Yes, we're a family of weirdos.
* A Nightmare on Elm Street - Saw this one about 20 times in the movies. Excellent date material here. :)
* Friday the 13th - Rented this one for the family, back when you could still rent in Betamax format. lol The first of its kind, really.
* The Thing - When the head pops off and grows spider legs, skittering across the floor? Genius. We saw this one (the remake) at the drive-in movie. Another family outing. ;)
The Evil Dead - I watched this one at a church retreat. Don't remember too much about it.
* Carrie* - Movie's okay, but the book is much better. :)
* Night of the Living Dead -My parents scared the hell out of me while I was watching this one, alone, one Halloween. I've never been the same. The remake sucks ass, but the remake of
Dawn of the Dead* was creepy and perfect. Verrrry scary stuff, if you be hatin' the zombies like me!
The Omen* - The dogs freaked me out. Also, my mom was traumatized when my little sister started growling in her bassinet a few days after she watched this in the theater with my dad. Glorious! The grownups got scared too! :)
An American Werewolf in London* - Some of the best special effects I'd seen up to that time. Also, the opening scene scared the pants off me.
* Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer - Watched this one twice ~ once for me, and once with my sister. Creepy.
* The Hitcher - meh. Bad 80's scares.
Lost Highway - never heard of it.
The Blair Witch Project - Not scary at all. Stupid. A waste of my time.
* Pet Sematary - One of the best adaptations of a King story, IMO.
* Saw - Gorgeously oogy and what a great ending. Haven't seen any of the sequels, though.
* The Ring - That little girl creeped me out. Also the video link thingamajig.
* Scream – Updated slasher pic. It was okay, but I liked the originals better. Great nod to the genre in the film class, though.
* 28 Days Later - I hate zombies. Especially fast ones. But I loved the opening sequence to this film. T thought it jumped the shark when they entered the tunnel, but I seriously slept with the lights on for weeks. All around good scare. Can't wait to see the second one!

There are too many others to mention ~ but if you feel like it, meme yourself! :D

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liebowitz said...

I'm not a big horror fan, but I do enjoy Hitchcock movies. "Rear Window" is awesome.