Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy October!

Wow ~ it's October already. This year has been flying by.

Maddy's sick again. This time, it's her recurrent bowel troubles. She hasn't pooped since Friday (TMI, I know ~ sorry!) and she is miserable, with a capital M! I even tried to "go after" the blockage this evening, and it sucked backed in. *sigh* Poor wee one. I wish she'd just push it out. Tomorrow ~ Miralax. Which will be followed, inevitably, by the runs and a diaper rash. I think I know what the culprit is this time, at least. She needed a new g-button (the old one lost the little closing tab) and they just cut the old one and let it go into her tummy. So, it's gumming up the works. Since the bowel obstruction, emergency surgery, and one month PICU stay a few years ago, I get nervous when she gets irregular. When I got pregnant, I never thought that I'd still be this concerned about another person's BMs after almost 11 years. lol Still, it beats the alternative. ;)

DH finally came home last weekend. Unfortunately, he's been on nights since he came home, and next weekend, he's going out of town again. Man, it's tough. We get on a schedule when he's gone, and then he comes home. We get on a schedule when he's home, and he leaves again. Maddy just doesn't know which way is up. lol Neither do I, for that matter. I'm thrilled to see him at least a little bit each day, though. I sure do miss him ~ especially at night. I must admit that I don't miss his messes, though. lol The house stays much neater when he is out of town. ;) I'd take the messes to have him on a regular schedule....

Still waiting on the settlement check. I've given up on it at this point, really. I know it's coming ~ someday soon ~ but I don't know when. There were errors on the paperwork that they prepared for my signature, and so that all had to go back to the respective attornies for corrections. I should have those back Monday or Tuesday. Then the real waiting begins. New washing machine, here I come! lol It's so funny to think that I'm that excited about a laundry purchase, but I am. I guess it's true what they say about what makes you happy when you are older. ;)

I bought Maddy's Halloween costume. She's going to be a Forest Fairy, complete with wings. :) Too cute. She seemed to like it, but we'll see how she feels when I actually dress her in it on the big day. lol She usually only tolerates her costume for a couple of hours, but loves to watch the kids come to the door to collect candy. Otherwise, it's just not that big a deal to her. I, on the other hand, absolutely love Halloween. My costume is a dead bride. :D Should be spooky!

We have our annual ARD meeting on Tuesday morning. Should be interesting. We have to do the placement portion this year, since Maddy will be moving from elementary school to middle school next year. We aren't even sure we're staying in this school district after this school year, so that should add a whole layer of issues to the whole thing. I've not been pleased with her progress this school year, either. So we have a lot to discuss. *sigh* Better get the brownies baked so that the sharks are well fed and ready to listen to me! lol

It seems like I have a million thoughts for my blog every day, but when I sit down to write, they all fly away, and I wind up reciting a list of boring crap. Oh well. This is just a journal for me, so who cares, right? Oh yeah ~ I do. *snicker* Maybe I should start writing things down when I think of them. ha

Better run ~ I hear the Angel calling me again. Poor little mouse. She's really upset. :( See ya when I see ya!

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