Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monday, Monday...

...really sucks the big one.

First of all, why the HECK is it so cold here?!? It's Texas. It's April. Yet, on Saturday we had SNOW. What is up with that?

We stayed home all weekend. Between the headache and the depression, I just was not motivated to do much, other than house-stuff. I did a bunch of laundry, of course, and played with Maddy quite a bit, but we kept it low-key.

Tomorrow, I have to get my car inspected and my tags renewed. Ugh. Then, to the grocery store. Maybe. It's supposed to rain, so T may be able to come home early and take me, which would be great.

I called the doc today and left a message. No reply. Hoping for tomorrow...I need to talk to them about my meds and these headaches. Again. For the 900th time.

Maddy is doing well. We put her on Carafate for an area of redness around her g-button site. That cleared up, so we were able to stop the meds. She had a grumpy day at school, but was happy once she got home. Things with her are so stable right now, I'm almost holding my breath. (Touch wood, she'll stay healthy this year!)

I'm getting a "new-to-me" camera soon. Bought it from a friend. :) I'm very excited ~ there's been something wrong with the telephoto funtion on my old Toshiba for awhile now, so I really need one. Look for more pics in the very near future.

So, that's a really boring update. Can't help it...I have a really boring existance right now. What can I do? lol


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