Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin'...

...into the future.

Key Steve Miller musical reference...now!


Seriously though, it's been a crazy few weeks. It started with 5 days of travelling, then evolved into an additional 5 days of my dearest SIL in Texas with us, which all led to copious amounts of furniture, boxes, and bequests to deal with, not to mention furniture delivery, another complete office re-do, a new computer, and a sick Maddy Moo, and you get the general idea of where I've been the last 6 weeks or so.

Let's start with the sick baby girl. A week ago, she came down with a dry, hacking cough and a fever of 101.1+. She rarely runs a temperature, and her normal body temp is about 96.6-96.7, so I was a little alarmed. The temp broke completely after two days, and she was perky and laughing, so we just kept her dosed up on Tylenol and Mucinex, and have been running the humidifier, etc. to help keep her lungs clear. Our ped is on vacation ~ for another 2.5 weeks ~ so we've been in touch with the nurse, and she (and our nurse) agree that watching her for one more day is okay. Finally, this evening, she perked up a bit and played with her toys and "talked" to me for awhile. I should really post a sound file of those conversations. She finds me quite hilarious and is tricksy with her responses. Anyway, I think she's on the downhill side now ~ she's handling her secretions quite well. ;) (Gross, I know, but true!)

Let's see, what else is going on today ~ the office is an official disaster area, and I've been working in there for a week now. The bedroom is finished, except for the curtains and fine-tuning. I cleaned out our closet, received and installed Momma's bedroom suite (sans the bed) and am happy with the way things work in here. We're still looking for the perfect trundle bed for Maddy's room. I think we may end up having to make a bed for her. She won't stay on her mattress on the floor, so we can't safely put her in a higher bed. We need a low trundle on wheels that slides under a regular twin bed of some sort. I also added an ivy to Maddy's room ~ it should love it in there, and she really needed something green in her room. What better than an ivy or two?

I also installed the new taupe sun-blocking curtains in the windows in the dining area portion of the great room. That was an exercise, and without Tom's help, they'd be crooked! lol I hate hanging curtains like that ~ too heavy. Tomorrow, I begin the search for pretty tie backs for those days when the sun isn't beating down at 100+ degrees. Summer is on her way now ~ it was finally 91 today, after an especially cool and wet spring. I think we got the curtains up just in time to help our electric bill. :)

I have a million things to hang, install, and otherwise handle over the next few weeks, so I'll probably be scarce. I'll pop in when I can.

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