Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's been a month...

...and I can hardly believe it. A whole month since Momma died, peacefully and quietly, with us holding her hands, and holding each other.

I finally moved some of the things back into my office/studio over the weekend. It's still not "done", but it no longer looks like a sick room. Strange, but I liked it better when it did. I guess that's just me wanting to hold on to the last little bits of Momma that I had here.

I haven't been able to go back to TN to move things yet, but I think I will go in another couple of weeks. (I have an important meeting that I can't miss on 3/30, and I don't want to be on a crazy time schedule, so I will wait until that's over before I go....) My darling SIL is waffling about whether or not she wants to move back home ~ part of her wants to hold on to her mom by staying there, I think, and part of her wants to move forward by moving back. When she's with us, she knows what she wants, it's when she's alone that the doubts come into play....

I've been battling a migraine for over 2 weeks now. I'm supposed to go back to the neurologist tomorrow, but I know he won't do anything except give me a shot, which will knock me out for a day, and when I wake up it will still hurt...this is the pattern. The spring weather is here, and the unsettled weather pattern makes my head ache like it's going to explode. I'm going on 27 months of headaches now, almost without a break. I keep hoping that something will change.....

Maddy's got a little cold. Just enough to make her miserable. She is breathing through her mouth and crying when she wakes. I kept her home today (thank God for her nurse!) and she seemed better during the day, but her fever spiked again as soon as bedtime rolled around. She's got Vicks on her chest, a humidifier going, and Mucinex on board ~ hope it all works and she's feeling better tomorrow!

I've not been around here as much as I like to be, and I'm feeling "out of touch". It seems that my parenting web site blew up again today, over what, I have no clue. I just wish everyone could treat each other gently. We really never know what another person is going through...and it's never a bad thing to give another the benefit of the doubt, is it? I must admit, there are a few people over the years who have bugged me, but when I look closely at the reasons why I am bothered, I usually find some part of myself mirrored in their posts. Surprise, surprise. Those that cause the biggest reactions in me are the ones I need to look closely at ~ to learn about myself.

Time for the midnight meds and diaper change.

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