Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She reached her goal...

...and then some.

Momma came home last Friday (2/16). We made it through the weekend. She had lots of visitors over the weekend ~ old friends, mostly ~ and she was able to give us parting words. On Tuesday, 2/20, she had a visit from three of her oldest friends, and that seemed to be what she was waiting for. She went from talking animatedly, sitting up and "holding court", to lifeless and mottled and laboring to breathe ~ all in less than an hour. She died quietly, surrounded by her children, at a little after 10 PM.

It has been a whirlwind of activity since then. There were insurance "issues" (a sold company, trouble locating proof of her life insurance, and her own failure to keep her papers in order, mostly...) but I was finally able to file a claim on Friday (2/23). *shew* We had the visitation and graveside services yesterday (2/26). She has a beautiful resting place, with a view of the Trinity river, an old railroad trestle, and the Fort Worth skyline. I know she'd approve. The service was nice ~ we did it ourselves, and there wasn't a dry eye on the fake grass. Afterwards, everyone went to an excellent Mexican restaurant in the area and gorged, laughed, and talked for a couple of hours.

My SIL and my nephews left this morning. I miss them already ~ my house was full of people for weeks, and now it seems quiet! My SIL will be back to stay in a few months ~ no reason to stay in a little TN town now that her mom is gone ~ so I'm really looking forward to that.

I'll be going to TN in a few weeks to help wrap up Momma's affairs there. We've got to clean out her house, arrange for an estate sale, put the house on the market, etc. etc. etc. I'm planning on mid- to late March, right now, staying about a week. Dreading the drive, though...ugh. May have to look into flights and car-rental! I hate driving alone cross-country.

Seeing Momma in the casket was hard. Really hard. She didn't look like herself at all. I know that we rarely do once the soul is gone, but still...she just didn't look good. She actually looked better to me before they "fixed her up" ~ when she was bright yellow from liver failure and her belly was distended with ascites. I am already dreaming of her, though, and that gives me comfort.

I miss them all so much. I'm almost at a loss without a houseful of people! It's really funny ~ I just adjusted so quickly to everyone being here, needing things, and now I feel like I have so little to do. I wish they'd all come back!

Better run ~ Miss Maddy is calling me. She misses her cousins and her aunt Sissy, too! She is no longer used to Mommy using the computer, either...lol. I'm wondering if it's time for another break? Hmmmm...things to think about....

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