Friday, February 16, 2007

She's coming home...

The ambulance to transport her should be at the hospital momentarily. This may be my last update for awhile, as the main computer is in her room.

Some notes from the last couple of days:

The party? Bombed. Maddy was extremely cranky and I wound up staying home with her ~ she did NOT want to go to the hospital. I sent everything with DH and when he arrived, Momma was out like a light. She didn't wake up until this morning, as far as I know! So, we'll try again this evening. The cake looks delicious ~ I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Bedding for a hospital bed? Expensive! The hospice doesn't provide sheets, so I had to go buy extra-long sheet sets. I bought two, plus a blanket and a coverlet, and two pillows. I spent over $100, and that was with my 20% off coupon. Got the bed all made up for her and it looks really nice. It's very comfy, too ~ yes, I tested it! I wanted to be sure she'd be as comfortable as possible.

We have several friends and family members planning on coming by this weekend. I think that J will be coming sometime this weekend to cut Momma's hair. I'm about to go bake some cookies and mix up some snack mix, etc. so I can have snack stuff available to serve to our guests. The house is as ready as it can be...but I'm not.

I am dealing better today ~ I think the activity level of the last couple of days has helped. I'm too busy to be sad right now. "la de da ~ I will think about that tomorrow..."

Gotta run ~ cookies to be baked, dinner to plan and execute, and laundry to fold. I'll update again when I can. Thanks for keeping Momma (and me, and Sis, and Tee) in your thoughts and prayers....

Peace ~

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