Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday Night

Still waiting for Momma to come home.

She's really having trouble with pain. I wasn't at the hospital yesterday or today (major migraine for me, major poop problems for Maddy) so I missed the doctor's visit. Apparently, either tomorrow or Tuesday they will do some kind of "nerve block" to try to deaden the area around her stomach, so she can't feel the pain. Once she recovers from *that*, they'll let her come home. It always seems like "just one more thing" ~ I had high hopes that she'd come home tomorrow, but now it will be probably Wednesday or even Thursday. Her 63rd birthday is Thursday ~ I hope it's before then. We'd love to spend it here, as a family.

My SIL is coming back either Wednesday or Thursday to stay for the duration. I'm so glad ~ I know it will ease Momma's concern about being so far away from her daughter, and it will make it easier on T to have his sister here. I love her like my own, so I have no problems with her staying, either ~ especially since it's just her (no boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.).

I've got almost everything moved out of the office so Momma will have a place to stay. I ordered new curtains a couple of weeks ago (good timing!) that should be here in a few days. I don't know how often I'll be able to get to the computer once she comes home ~ we simply don't have anywhere else to hook it up, and I won't be able to bother her by turning it on. I do have the laptop, of course, but our connection is sporadic, so don't worry if I'm not around for days at a time.

I think I said earlier, Maddy is having constipation issues again. It just breaks my heart to have to manually remove impacted stool. She hates it, and so do I. Once I got it out, she pooped a few times on her own. Hoping that she's all better tomorrow, or else she'll miss another school day. Not good! She's sleeping really well right now. Little sweetheart. She makes every day so sunny, even when it's cold and dreary outside! As soon as I quit messing with her this morning, she turned to me, gave me a great big smile, and threw her arms around my neck. I think it was "thank you!" lol Of course, I dont know if she was thanking me for doing it, or thanking me for stopping.

Just about time for that last diaper change and then time to hit the sack. Y'all have a great week and I'll update when I can!

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