Friday, February 09, 2007

Other mother update...

Momma's not home with us yet ~ but maybe by Monday.

She had a minor procedure today to place a stent in her pyloric valve. This evening, she was able to eat (and keep down!) a bite of jello, some iced tea, and some chicken broth. Tomorrow, they'll try soft foods. If she tolerates those for a couple of days, she can come home on hospice.

I'm having great difficulties sleeping. My anxiety level is through the roof today. I think it's because my SIL is leaving tomorrow (she has to go home to TN and take care of some things before coming back for the duration) and I am so worried that she won't make it back before her mom dies. Watching them say goodbye tomorrow will break my heart ~ I just know it.

DH was really having a hard time with displaced anger tonight. He didn't get home from the hospital until about 9:30, and came in ranting and raving about traffic. He *never* yells or gets upset over small things, so this is completely unlike him. I tried to give him a hug and he shrugged me off. I know that he isn't angry at me ~ it's this whole situation ~ but it's still hard not to take it personally when it's directed at me or around me. Still painful. Before I tucked him in, he apologized and gave me a hug and a kiss, so it's okay now...but I know that there will be more to come. He hasn't even cried once ~ he's a long way from accepting the inevitable. He's under such stress ~ I just wish I knew the "magic words" to help him.

Momma was a little disoriented after the surgery, of course ~ the anesthesia was hard on her, as was being intubated. She spent over 5 hours in the recovery room. I had to leave before she got out ~ Maddy was coming home from school. Tomorrow, I'll go to the hospital after school is out, and take Maddy with me so she can see Granny for a bit. I'm looking forward to getting her home ~ then we won't have to spend so much time in the car going back and forth. It will make it a little easier to help her *and* manage the house.

The good news? My headache level is down to a 3-4. I could live like this for the rest of my life! lol Small blessings....

Okay, it's 1:10 in the morning. Guess I'll try to sleep again.

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