Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Maddy's eye appointment...

...was today, and it was completely inconclusive. *sigh*

LOVED the new eye doc. He's young, sweet, and didn't speak down to my girl. She smiled and flirted with him, but got irritated when he kept shining that light in her eyes after her pupils were dilated. Yeah, that would annoy me, too, babycakes. He couldn't really tell if her prescription is accurate or not, so tomorrow we'll be scheduling an exam under general anesthesia. Ugh. Poor kiddo ~ I'll definitely try to get the ENT and dentist in there at the same time...maybe we can do all that stuff at once and be done with GA for awhile. :

He did say that he doubts her current glasses are helping her at all, since she refuses to wear them. Even better, he wrote a note explaining that to the school! So, she's "glasses free" until we get an updated pair. Woohoo! I love her glasses, but I'll love them even more when they actually help her to see. She really does look cute in them. She's already warped her new frames (less than 6 months old) so badly that he was appalled. She really enjoys pulling them off, swinging them around by the strap, and then throwing them on the floor. Bonus points if she can throw them under the moving wheelchair, of course! (She's a wee bit stubborn when she wants to be ~ wonder where she gets that?)

We were in and out in under two hours, which is a record for an eye appointment. Did I mention how much I love this new doc?

Oops ~ she's fussing. Back later to finish this up.

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