Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year ~ 2007!

Wow, it's 2007!

DH and I were talking on Saturday about a show we had on (some kind of '80's retrospective) and he was questioning why they chose the particular commenters. I told him that those people were all our age or older, and that's why they were chosen! lol Then I reminded him that there are people of legal drinking age (21) who were not even born yet in 1983 ~ and he swatted my behind! lol Of course, this year marks us being able to say that there are people legally drinking who weren't born when we graduated from high!!! I don't feel older, really ~ I feel like the same person I've always been ~ but there are definitely some things that hammer home the aging, and this show is one of them. We're both turning 39 this sounds so "grown up"! So why don't I feel like an adult?!?! lol

2006 was a year of serious changes. Bad health issues for me and DH. Financial difficulties. Major stressors, including changing jobs (twice) and moving. I'm thankful to see it recede in the distance, honestly. I pray that 2007 is a better year for us ~ and if not all that much better, at least uneventful!

We started out with a whimper, as usual. We rarely drink, so we've never been much for NYE parties. I always feel safer at home on NYE ~ away from all the "once a year partiers". Personally, if I'm going to risk my life on the freeways with a bunch of drunken people, I'd much rather deal with the every-weekend drinkers than the once-per-year drinkers ~ at least the daily drunks have more experience with navigating a vehicle while sloshed. (Of course, I'd rather that NO ONE drink and drive!)

We took down our tree, packed the decorations, and put everything up in the attic. I've been piddling around all day today, hanging a picture here, putting away a box there ~ but nothing major. Our black eyed peas are simmering on the stove, waiting for New Year's Day dinner. Gotta have some luck!

Maddy's nurse came today, and we totally took advantage of her. We both took a nap! lol I love having her here ~ she's really awesome, and funny, and loves Maddy to pieces. It's cool to have an additional responsible adult available to help out.

Tomorrow, I'm taking Maddy to the eye doctor for a checkup. She's been taking her glasses off again, so it's probably time for a new prescription. Oh joy. Since the federal offices are all closed, and we haven't had a mail delivery (or pick up!) since last Thursday (what's up with that?!?) I don't have her new medicaid card. Guess I'll have to pay the co-pay for tomorrow. At least it's only $35 ~ could be worse ~ and I'll wait for the card to arrive before I buy new glasses again. She goes back to school on Thursday. Poor punkin ~ her schedule will be allllll fouled up this coming weekend. School for two days, off for two days, then back to a regular routine. I think they should have let them stay out until the 8th, but what do I know?

It's almost 6 ~ better go finish up dinner prep and get those peas plated! Y'all have a blessed New Year!

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