Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maddy update...

The eye exam went great. She went right out for them, and was under for about 20 minutes while the doctor did a thorough eye exam. His diagnosis? She is only *slightly* near-sighted and DOES NOT need glasses to correct her vision! Woohoo! This is excellent news, as I was dreading trying to get her to keep her new glasses on ~ such a nightmare that is. She's broken several pairs over the years, and now we know why ~ she didn't really need them! He is concerned about a couple of areas of dryness in her eyes, so we've now got a prescription for eyedrops and an ointment for nighttime. She can't close her eyes all the way (due to the ptosis correction) and apparently, this can cause dryness and scarring. Would have been nice to know this 8 years ago when she had the procedure! grrrrrr I'm just glad we found a new doctor ~ one that is better at what he's doing than the old one.

She's still got a little cough, but her bottom issues are all better now. She finally went back to school today ~ she was thrilled to be there, let me tell you. She got home, had a bath, and was so worn out that she immediately took a nap. Sweet kiddo.

My MIL is slowly improving. Still in the hospital. No news is good news, at this point.

Me? Well, I am having a hard week. My head has been splitting without a break since last Friday, and my back/neck are absolutely killing me. Doing pre-op on Monday definitely didn't help.

Almost time for dinner ~ better run and get Miss Maddy's ready. Y'all have a good week! See you when I can....

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