Sunday, January 28, 2007

Things could definitely be worse....

...and I know that, but I'm still a little down about it all right now. Part of it is this crazy weather! One minute, it's 60+ and humid, the next, it's 38 and sunny...wait a little while and it's overcast and cold. Ugh. Too much change. Too much being cooped up inside. Bleah.

MIL is slowly improving, but verrrrrryyyyyy slowly. Right now, we're thinking she'll have a minimum of 2-3 additional weeks in the hospital. Her liver values are still poor, kidney function is poor, and her fluid levels bounce around by 20 pounds, plus or minus, on any given day. The blood clot in her left leg seems to be resolving itself, so that's one piece of good news. She's down. Flat. Tired. Malnourished. They're having trouble with the TPN ~ keeping her protein high enough while not screwing up her potassium by drawing off too much fluid at once. It's a balancing act. SIL is a nervous wreck. We're sending DH to Tennessee to see them Thursday. My SIL needs a hug from her brother, and my MIL needs a will to fight more ~ we're all hoping that he'll deliver. I wish Maddy and I could go, too ~ I know that M. would help her so much. He'll be back on Sunday morning, early. (Thank goodness! We have a Super Bowl party at our house on Sunday afternoon. I hope I can get everything done without him here to help.)

My head still hurts. One week and one day ~ so far ~ this time. No breaks. No relief at all. I saw a couple of new docs this week, neither of whom had much to offer in the way of help. One was a DO. He wants me to go see another DO for "nutritional supplements" and some kind of skull bone realignment? I don't know. Sounds like quackery to me (no offense to any DOs out there...I've had a PCP who was a DO, and I loved her ~ but she wasn't soooo out there). I'm not big on non-FDA approved supplements ~ call me superstitious ~ but I'm about willing to try anything at this point. The skull bone massage thing sounds interesting, anyway, and he promised it is nothing like chiropractic treatment ~ he swears it doesn't hurt at all. (I've got enough pain without the treatments hurting me more!) Heck, I've already had "laying on of hands" (my mom's church) and tried Native American prayers (MIL), plus "crystal healing" (SIL's friend) and every traditional freaking drug under the sun. What's one more alternative treatment?

Maddy had a pretty decent week, save a barking cough and irritation with the eye drops and ointment. When I got her up this morning and put the drops in her eyes, she immediately socked me in *my* eye (ouch!), frowned at me, turned her head away, and would have nothing to do with me for an hour. DH is so rough with her when he puts the stuff in that she screams ~ so I get stuck doing it. She squirms and complains, but at least I don't leave red marks on her face. I hate making her mad at me first thing in the morning. She didn't even show me a small smile until after lunch.

She was out by 8:30 tonight, so I'm sure she'll be up early tomorrow. It's chilly tonight~ 35 degrees ~ but it's supposed to be sunny and pretty tomorrow. Maybe we'll go for a walk if her cough is gone and the wind has calmed down. DH can stay in if he wants, but I think Maddy and I could both use a change of scenery!

My prayer for tonight is that I have the strength to do the things I need to do, regardless of the migraine...and that Maddy begins to understand that eye medicine is a daily part of her life now, just like baths and diaper changes.

Peace out, y'all ~ have a wonderful Sunday. See you when I can....

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