Friday, January 19, 2007

Sick of poop...

...just SICK of it!

Poor Maddy. She's been feeling ill all week. We switched her to Ensure at the direction of the nutritionist at the GI doc's office, and it did not go well for my peanut. She's had non-stop poop since we made the change. We switched back to Pediasure today. FINALLY the poop seemed to solidify and slow down. Her little bottom is red, she's cranky, and to top it all off, she has a cold. Snotty nose (although it is clear so far!) and a little PND/cough. Probably viral, sez the ped, so no treatments needed, other than Mucinex w/cough medicine, Vicks Vapo-Rub, and the "humuggifier".

My MIL is still quite ill. She had a biopsy on Tuesday. Results? No cancer! Woohoo!!! However, she does have liver failure, renal (kidney) failure, and earlier today developed a blood clot in her left leg. They've got her on total bedrest, TPN (IV nutrition), tons of diuretics (to draw off the fluid build-up) and are actually talking about the possibility of a liver transplant. We're not "day to day" with her right now ~ still talking months to a year, with medical treatment, but the clot increases her vulnerability. I'm quite concerned about her, and about my SIL, who is in charge of everything (and getting quite run-down by it all, I think.)

DH is (finally) going to the dentist tomorrow. I've been nagging him to do this for about two years :: but the giant swelling in his left cheek finally convinced him. What is it with men and doctors/dentists?!? If I skipped appointments like he does, he'd be all over my case about it ~ but it practically takes an act of Congress to get him there. *sigh* Oh well, at least he's going!

We've had several days of icy conditions here this week, and they are forecasting more for the weekend. I'm planning on running to the store in the morning, and then hunkering down with my family until it warms back up on Monday. Maddy has her pre-op appointment Monday morning, and her eye exam on Tuesday, so I just hope it's all cleared up by then. (Both the weather and her little upper respiratory thing!) If she's still snotty and coughing, we'll have to reschedule. Not zesty.

Time to try to sleep for a bit before the morning rush starts. Y'all have a happy Friday!

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