Monday, October 02, 2006

Well, we didn't get to go to the air show on Friday. Maddy was running a fever when she woke up. Poor little pumpkin ~ she just can't seem to shake this nasty virus. I'll be making an appointment to see her ped tomorrow...I'm a little concerned that she may be getting her first (!!) sinus infection. She has tons of green snot today. Blick, blick, blick! (The fever was gone by Friday afternoon, go figure!)

DH came home late late Friday (almost midnight) from being out of town, and left again this afternoon. He'll be back for Fri/Sat next weekend, and then probably have to leave again on Sunday. I'm realllllly tired of this. I miss him when he isn't here!

We met with our Wish Granters this afternoon at 1:30. Awesome ladies, both of them. They brought Maddy a light up spinning toy (a huge hit) and a "Wish Pillow". So sweet. We talked for about two hours and filled out paperwork. The suggestions they made were:

1) A wide-screen/big screen or plasma TV and a bunch of Disney/children's DVDs. Maddy has low vision, and really likes to watch Noggin. This would be something that she could enjoy every day. She also loves football and baseball games, and this would make it easier for her to enjoy watching the TV ~ she wouldn't have to wear her glasses to see the screen. We gave the okay, and that's our first choice.

2) A trip to San Diego to the zoo and the aquarium. They also have a "swim with dolphins" program out there somewhere. My only concerns about this are Maddy's hate for anything that disturbs her routine! lol She is usually pretty happy in the plane for a trip, and okay for a day or two, but that is IT. Then she's ready to be back at home and in her own bed/routine.

3) We left it blank. We simply coudn't come up with anything that MAW offers that would be appropriate for Maddy. We nixed Disney (too hot for her ~ she has a hard time keeping cool when it's warm/humid, and that's hard on her heart, so that's out). We also nixed several other ideas for the same reasons. She just can't take heat. Thus the San Diego idea ~ the temps are moderate there (apparently? I've never been....) and the TV, which isn't reliant on temperature.

The WG's were pretty sure that the TV will be approved. They'll call us and let us know when it's in the works. Of course, when we asked Maddy if she wanted a new television, she perked right up and looked at the TV, nodding her head "yes" over and over. I was glad that they got to see that. The rest of the time, she was pretty quiet. She still isn't feeling very well.

They also told us about the MAW Gala that we'll be invited to this spring. Black tie, formal, and for all Wish Kids and their families. Apparently, it's a really neat thing, with lots of activities for the kids and their parents. I'm glad I bought Maddy the lavender dress from an auction! It fits perfectly, so as long as she doesn't have another growth spurt, she will be wearing it to the Gala. They also have various other activities throughout the year that she'll be invited to (meet players from the Cowboys, Rangers, etc.). They said to watch the mail. It's really neat to be a part of this. I think it will make this year really special for our Moo. She's turning 10 in a few weeks.

We never heard from the nurse that we're supposed to interview tomorrow, so I don't know if she's coming or what. That frustrates me to no end. Her Medicaid is dependent on the respite care, so the longer it takes to get someone in here, the longer it takes to start M. services. Arrrgggghhhhh. They overnighted the care notebook to us (got it Saturday morning), so I was halfway expecting to hear from the nurse yesterday. No such luck. Maybe she'll call in the morning. I must say, I'm already peeved at her and I haven't even met her yet. lol They told me she would call "by Sunday" so we could get together. Guess she missed the memo. I hope she doesn't just show up tomorrow expecting to work! I have final say over who works with us, and since she couldn't be bothered to call....welll, let's just say I am not enthused right at the moment. We'll see....

We did get final paperwork done for her new wheelchair. It's going to be so cool. Such a princess chair ~ it will have pink and purple on it, butterfly wheel covers, bright yellow wheels, and her name embroidered on it in script. Too pretty. Should have it in a couple of month, I hope....

Have I mentioned how much I miss my husband? Because I really do. It's too dadgum quiet around here when he's gone. Plus, the king bed is waaaaayyyy too big for just me and the puppy. No cover-thieving, either. I barely know how to act! lol Wish he was home already, but since he just left, and the weather is supposed to be good, I'm not expecting to see him before Friday night. Again. bleah

Better try to get some sleep. I'll have to be up again in 3.5 hours to change a diaper, and then again 3.5 hours after that to get the Miss ready for school (if she gets to go....)


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Rude Cactus said...

We had our first ear infection last week. It was rough! Hope eveyrone feels better!