Saturday, November 04, 2006

Moving bites the big one

I'm not kidding. We've lived here for over 9 years, and we have way. too. much. crap.

I've been packing for two weeks, but it's the last-minute stuff that's killing me. The kitchen ~ oh Lord, help me! The office. Gah! The computer cabinet (thank you, T!). The bedrooms. And Maddy's toys. Why? Why do we have all this shite?!?

The movers will be here between 8-10 tomorrow morning. I'm hoping it's closer to 8, as we are supposed to have rain tomorrow afternoon. It's also supposed to rain on Monday ~ come on rain! If it does, T will have the day off to help me UNpack all this stuff. :) I'm all for that!

Maddy seems confused by the changes around the house. She keeps looking around with this incredibly puzzled look on her face. Poor kiddo. She has no idea what "moving" and "new house" mean to her life. All she knows is that all her stuff is in boxes and Mommy and Daddy are frazzled and dirty. lol The puppy? Same deal. He's cowering under a blanket on the bed right now. Poor kids.

This will be my last computer time until Tuesday or Wednesday at least. The FIOS is being discontinued here on Monday, and installed there on Tuesday. So no TV until Tuesday. (Yikes!) This means that we should be mostly unpacked by then, since we won't have anything else to do. lol

Better run ~ need to get another load of laundry going and pack up the bathroom. Have a great week, y'all, and I'll see you when we get back online!


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Rude Cactus said...

Moving is a terrible terrible process. You have my sympathies.