Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 26

It was a heck of a busy day, and it isn't over yet.

I shouldn't be at the computer right now. I am in the middle of baking the cookies for tomorrow. Yes, I should have done it last night, but I elected to watch some programs on the DVR instead, thinking I would have time to do them during the day today. Boy, was I ever wrong! lol

I took T to work this morning. We got a late start since Maddy's nurse was late to arrive. She is having car problems, apparently, but regardless, we were travelling at the height of morning rush hour. Wrecks everywhere! It was an awful drive there and back, and when I got home I had to rush to do my hair and makeup for the doctor's appointment.

That was interesting, to say the least. Maddy fought this new doc tooth and nail ~ literally. She refused to open her mouth for the throat exam, kicked the doctor in the gut when he tried to listen to her chest, and scratched both me and the nurse when he tried to look in her ears. She was extremely uncooperative. For her regular doc, she just complains a bit. She's been seeing him since she was an infant. For this new doc (her regular ped is out on vacation) she showed all her mettle, simply refusing to do anything he asked of her. Before he started the exam, she confirmed (with head nods) that her ears hurt, her nose was bothering her, and she was itchy all over from the rash on her trunk (which spread to her legs overnight). Since he wasn't sure if it was an ear infection or not, he told her that he'd have to draw blood if she wouldn't let him look in her ears. She ignored him. So, a blood draw it was. That went very well, actually ~ the vampire was quick and Maddy only hissed a little bit when the needle went in. The CBC was perfectly normal, so no infections anywhere ~ it's just a virus. Treat the symptoms and if she seems worse, call them again over the weekend. He did give me a cream for her rash ~ $60 later (for a tiny tube of cream ~ after insurance!) and her itchy rash is already improving. I'm relieved it isn't an infection ~ I hate putting her on oral abx ~ she's had allergic reactions to two different meds in the past, so finding the right abx is tough enough. I definitely would rather save those for when we know it's an infection. :)

By the time I got home from the pharmacy, it was already 2 PM. I was to pick T up at around 4, so I really didn't even have time for a nap. I made some coffee and pressed onward. I'm like the Energizer Bunny! I just keep going and going....

My cookies should be cool enough to ice now, so I'd better go finish them up. We'll be at my mom and dad's house all day tomorrow, so Happy Thanksgiving! I'll write a quick note when I get home tomorrow evening and then I have serious plans for my bed. lol I am wiped out from this week, and it's only Wednesday!

Night all!

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baldsue said...

I'm tired from all you did today. Glad to hear Maddy doesn't have an infection. May the virus speed up and pass through faster so she can feel better. Yay for her fight. Sometimes I've wanted to do the same thing to dox.

Happy Thanksgiving!