Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 25

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe ~ at times, it feels like just yesterday, while at other times it seems like forever.

We were married at the tender age of 21. When I look at the pictures of the day, I see two children and wonder what on earth were they thinking? lol Of course, we've survived some pretty tough times over the years, but I still believe that we were meant to be together. Meant to laugh with and love each other for life. Meant to parent Maddy, with all the joy and fear that entails. Meant to be there for each other every day, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, all of the days of our lives. So far, so good....

It was a relatively quiet day here. Maddy is still sick. She has lots of pretty (not!) green snot in her nose and her eyes, and now she's tugging at both of her ears. Our appointment is in the morning at 9:10 AM, which means that I get the dubious honor of staying up all night to care for her, then driving T to work so I can have the car, then going to the appointment, going to the drugstore for antibiotics (I'm sure she needs them ~ see green snot, above), and then finally coming home to sleep for awhile. I'll have to load her into the car to pick T up from work tomorrow night, too. Oh, joy. Being a one-car family really sucks rocks sometimes, and this is one of those times. Not to mention the absolute joy of a visit to the pediatrician at the height of flu season. Yay. I dread tomorrow. At some point, either overnight tonight or tomorrow, I have to bake some cookies and prep my other contributions to the Thanksgiving feast for my mom and dad's house on Thursday. I'm actually looking forward to that, though. I love to bake. :)

Since I have all night to stay up tonight, I'm planning on working through some of the shows I have on the DVR. Need to get it cleared out! lol

It's time for the evening diaper. Have a great night, and a better day than I will tomorrow. ;)

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baldsue said...

Ugh, the green worms have infested Maddy. I hope they can be exterminated soon so Maddy can feel better. And so you can get some rest.

Happy Anniversary today!