Sunday, November 23, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 23

I'm still basking in the glow of yesterday's birthday celebration. I managed to get the house completely back in order today, as well as doing my usual ton of laundry. And our Cowboys won their game. Take that, migraine! It was a good day despite Spike's best efforts to keep me down. :)

Maddy is sick, though. Yesterday, during the party, I noticed that she was flushed and warm, so I took her temp. She had a couple of degrees of fever, so I dosed her with ibuprofen and watched her. She was really cranky after the guests left and went to bed early. She slept in this morning until 11:30! (After two additional doses of fever reducers.) She never sleeps late, so I knew she wasn't feeling well. She's quiet, alternating with crabby, and while she has been playing with a few of her new toys, she just really isn't herself. She'll be staying home from school tomorrow since she can't rejoin her SpEd class until she's been fever-free for 24 hours. (I think we're the only people who follow that rule, thus the recurrent illnesses she contracts at school!) It's a short week anyway, due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, so I'm not too concerned about it. Hate it that she'll miss seeing her Music Therapist, though ~ she loves that part of Monday.

Buddy dog threw up this morning, too ~ I think someone must have snuck him some table food yesterday. He has a really sensitive stomach, and any little thing will make him throw up. Such fun ~ and on the carpet, too. lol That's my boy....

T and I are tired. Getting everything ready, putting on the party, and then cleaning up afterwards was a production, but our house looks so good right now. I've actually contemplated taking photos! It's ready for us to mess it all up again next weekend ~ we'll get out the Christmas decorations on Friday and get the tree up and the lights up outside next weekend. :) With virtually all the shopping done, I'm actually looking forward to the Christmas season this year.

Better run ~ I hear another load of laundry buzzing for me. Have a great night and a fabulous Monday morning!

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