Sunday, November 02, 2008

NaBloPoMo ~ Day 2

It's a good thing my dog is small.

He's really tiny ~ only eight pounds ~ and yet, he rules the house.

Seriously. No one may enter our home without a thorough vetting by Buddy, the Homeland Security Dachshund. He sniffs every inch of every newcomer, sussing out cats, other dogs, and who knows what else, then running crazily around the room, barking maniacally to report to me.

Originally, we thought his name would be Fritz. Our previous dachsie was named Gretchen and we thought we'd keep with the theme. The name Fritz does not roll off the tongue, especially when you spend the first 3.5 months correcting the dog every waking moment. It only took a few days until he was only responding to my nickname for all male dogs ~ buddy or bubba ~ so we decided to change his name. He'll be three years old in February.

On Halloween this year, I dressed him in a costume from the dollar bins at Tarjay. We (okay, okay *I*) love those bins. In them you may find scrapbooking items, socks, the perfect notepad for the fridge, and the occasional mini-dachshund sized pumpkin costume. Buddy? Hated it. Completely and unapologetically. I still managed to get a couple of photos, though ~ with T's help and a couple of treats in hand, of course! Isn't he just the cutest little four legged pumpkin you ever did see?

Pumpkin Buddy 2

He was terribly mortified. See the Ear of Mortification?

Pumpkin Buddy

Well, what good are dogs if you can't dress 'em up funny on occasion? ;)

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bgwh said...

He made a better pumpkin that I did! Dogs do anything for a treat, tho, won't they?