Monday, July 07, 2008

Sports & Spots

Sports: Tom spent the day today watching Wimbledon. Sorry, honey, but I just don't understand! lol Tennis is a fun game to play, but watching it is about as exciting as watching paint dry, as far as I'm concerned. Maddy was absolutely entranced, of course, which only proves that my darling girl is a sports addict, just like Daddy. Good news? While they were watching that, I was able to take a nap in a dark room ~ a good thing when I have a migraine.

Spots: I am going to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. Not for a checkup, not for my headaches (although I am sure we will talk about those, as well), but because I am, well, spotted. Moley. Freckled. Slightly sun damaged. About 10 days ago, I had this incredible urge to scratch my shoulder ~ and when I did, probing lightly, I found a new-ish mole. Large. Irregularly shaped. Multicolored. Asked Dr. Google (of course!) and scared myself silly (naturally!) So, I am going in for a "mole check".

Now, I've had lily-white skin for nigh on 25 years. I tend to slather my skin with sun block and wear wide-brimmed hats (granted, this fits in with my style) when I spend any amount of time outdoors. I consider this a practical skin-saving technique for a Texas girl of Scots-German descent. Despite my attempts to save my porcelain complexion, I've had many moles (and even a few freckles) turn up over the years. Also, I've had two severe sunburns on my shoulders (both as a teenager) ~ so I am at higher risk for sun-caused skin cancer. My doc does skin biopsies in his office, so I hope he'll just take this thing off, tell me not to worry about it (or any of the other 200+ moles I have all over my body) and that will be that. If only my nerves would listen to my head on that one.... Repeat after me: all will be well, and all will be well, and all matter of things will be well....

Time to go to bed now. Thinking healthy thoughts for all of us, and all of you, too!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your spots! I hope they turn out to be nothing at all.

I have an appt next month to have mine looked at, too. I have a ton of freckles & moles and haven't been as diligent as you about sunscreen...

Jen (Twinkle)