Monday, December 04, 2006

Turn around, bright eyes...

Man, you turn around for just a second, and suddenly it's December. The 4th, even. And there are 20 days until Christmas Eve. AND you have only ONE present under your tree.


At least the tree is up. Count my blessings, right? Considering that it's only been a month since we moved to the new place, I think I deserve huge kudos for that. Of course, looking around at the office, I can't really see the floor yet...and don't EVEN open the garage door (no, my car won't fit there yet...) but look! The tree is so pretty and sparkly! Aren't you distracted by the wondrous beauty? I am!

Maddy had an absolutely incredible birthday week. We celebrated on her actual birthday with cake and presents from Mom and Dad. The next day was Thanksgiving, so we went to Aunt Kris and Uncle Philip's house, and had...more cake and presents! We visited Aunt Retta and Uncle Gary, and Maddy ate about 5 bites of French Silk pie. Yummy! Then, last Wednesday (exactly one week after her birthday), the Make A Wish people came with a huge television for her. It's unbelieveably large ~ a 61" rear projection HDTV. It feels like we have a movie screen in our living room. I cried, she laughed, her daddy cried...very emotional. Then, on Friday, she got her new wheelchair. This thing is a Navigator of all wheelchairs. I mean it. It has ligh-up front wheels, her name is embroidered on it, it has the baddest bike-style handles for Mom and Dad, and has an especially designed honeycomb seat. She loves it. The butterfly wheelcovers should be here on Friday. (They didn't want to hold up delivery for them, so they brought it without 'em.) Unfortunately, it's so large that it won't fit in my car. *gulp* I foresee a car payment in my future....

So, we've had a fantastic couple of weeks. And now, we're talking up the Big Guy in the Red Suit (no, T doesn't own a red suit!) and planning on shopping like crazy people in the next couple of weeks. I cannot believe that Christmas is already here. It just doesn't seem possible. We're 10 days from the 1st anniversary of T's major accident, and so much has changed. We've moved, we have a new dog, Maddy is 10, and life? Seems impossibly wonderful. Full of joy. I don't know if it's the drugs talking (yes, I take an anti-anxiety pill every. single. day), or what, but I'll take it, thank yew very much.

For now, it's time to go and watch Studio 60, take a long shower, then change my Big Girl's diaper and head to bed. Blessings on you ~ and thanks for stopping by my blog.


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