Monday, September 25, 2006

I feel like I'm fallin' for Fall....

And that darned Moose A. Moose from Noggin won't stay out of my head! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, it means that you don't have a toddler or toddler-type who lives and breathes Noggin on a daily basis!)

Seriously, it was 98 on Friday afternoon. This morning? 52 degrees. That's a 46 degree differential in, what, 60 hours? We've had the windows open all weekend, enjoying a northerly wind and sunny, pleasant days. Simply beautiful weather.

I love Fall. This is my favorite time of year; from now until the end of November, anyway. I'm not too fond of December (too much Christmas mayhem!) but I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. Maddy's birthday and our anniversary also fall (ahem...) during the Fall (11/22 and 11/25). In five days, it will be October. Already! I'm planning on spending the week working on the Halloween decorations and perhaps some planning for Maddy's Decade Party.

Speaking of Maddy, she is feeling ever so much better the last couple of days. Her nose is almost completely healed. She's having a bed party even as I type this brief note. In about 30 minutes, I'll get her up and ready for school. The bus arrives at 8:05. By then, she'll probably be sleepy. lol She usually naps on Monday mornings on the bus. Smart kid. She stayed up waaayyy too late last night (was still up at 1 AM!) and will likely be cranky this afternoon. Fortunately, Daddy will be home tonight, and I'll bet we all sleep well...and early!

Our friend Bear stopped by last night. He had a date in a small town nearby, and dropped in on his way home. It was wonderful to see him in the flesh. I haven't seen him in what feels like forever, although we usually speak by telephone at least a few times per week. He recently finished school for his Class A CDL. He leaves on Tuesday to go OTR as a trucker! I'm amazed that he finally did it. He's turning 40 this year. I think it's something of a midlife crisis for him...he's wanted to go OTR for virtually as long as I've known him (which is a long damned time!) and he finally did it. Good for him, say I. He's really looking forward to travelling and seeing more of the US. There's a big part of me that wishes I could go, too ~ just get in a vehicle and drive...far away! (Not a big truck, though, please! I can barely park my mid-sized sedan; I certainly can't be trusted with anything as huge as an 18-wheeler! lol) He won't make much money at first, but he'll make enough to support himself and pay his child support...and he gets to go all over the country, to boot. Pretty awesome. By next fall, he'll have been OTR for a year, and he can look for local driving jobs, with better hours and better pay. He may even drive for T's company. Or, maybe he'll fall so in love with OTR, that he'll never come back home. Follow your dreams, Bear ~ we love you, big guy, and we want you to be happy!

Oops...gotta run. I just noticed a small, smelly puppy gift on the rug and I need to go spot-clean. Bratty dog. More later....

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