Saturday, August 23, 2008

School Daze

This evening was "Meet the Teacher" night at Maddy's new school. She's moving to 5th grade this year, and with that comes a move from elementary school to intermediate school in our district. We're really excited ~ a new teacher, some old friends, and a whole new school building to learn.

Her teacher seems really sweet ~ I'm looking forward to working with her this year! The room was laid out nicely, with lots of space for each child. She only has five students in her Life Skills class, and four of them are stinky boys, so she was really glad to meet Maddy. ;) I have a feeling she'll be thoroughly spoiled this year!

We also met her two classroom assistants, signed up for the PTA, and toured the school. It's really a nice building. Two stories (yes, there is an elevator), a cafe, gym, library, office and more. We learned about bus drop-off, and toured her classroom extensively. It's on the second floor, which means she'll be in the elevator several times per day. Should be interesting!

I haven't heard from the transportation people, so I have no idea what time the bus will arrive on Monday for the first day of school. This is as usual ~ we almost never know when to expect them for the first few days. I used to be really anxious about it, but now I just have her ready an hour before school starts, and we wait it out. I did see some bus drivers running "test runs" today, so I'm hoping that they at least have us on the schedule this year.

I can barely believe that my little punkin is headed for intermediate school. She's still so much smaller than her peers, even though we've held her back a couple of times. She'll be 12 in November, so I think she should be going into 7th grade this year instead of 5th. If I have my way about it, we will keep her in this school for at least 3 years before moving her to middle school. lol

One neat thing was how many cries of, "Hello, Maddy!" we received as we walked through the school. All of her friends from 4th grade are there, and they've been with her since kindy, so she is well-known and adored by all. She still seems a little unsure about this whole "new school" thing, but I know she will adapt and be just fine ~ just give her a few weeks. ;) Same thing for me! I need time to adapt and adjust, too! lol

What about you? What are your new challenges coming this school year? Are your kids excited about school, or just dreading it? How about you? ((I'm excited, Maddy seems ambivalent, and Tom is worried! lol)

Have a wonderful weekend, and a terrific first day of school!



Anonymous said...

I hope Maddy has a wonderful school year in middle school! Baylee transitioned last year to middle school and started 7th grade a week and a half ago. She was SOOOO excited to go back. Every day after the open house, she brought me her backpack (while I was still in bed enjoying my last few days of sleeping in) and signed "bus, bus, BUS". She ran to the bus the first day. Anyway...her middle school experience has been very positive. There's obviously less full inclusion now than there was in elementary, but she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. I hope Maddy's experience is just as positive!

the sits girls said...

They grow so fast, don't they?! We hope the school year is going great!