Thursday, June 19, 2008

6 months later...

Hello? Is this thing on? *blows into mic*

Shew, I cannot believe it has been six months since I've updated this blog! Time really does fly when you're living day-to-day life, doesn't it?

So much to say.....where to start....

Christmas was fine. lol So was the New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the last day of school. ;) (Too sad that I missed updating on ALL of those days!)

Yes, I am still having mucho migraines. My neuro doc has basically given up on me, I think. I take pain meds when I can and just deal with it the rest of the time. I did have a little disturbing thing happen this evening, though. A nice, stabbing pain inside my left eye, followed by profuse tearing and swelling. I'm going to put a call in for a visit in the morning ~ hope it's nothing!

One week from today is my...gulp...40th birthday. How is this even possible?!? I swear, it seems like just yesterday that I celebrated turning 21, and here I am...19 years later.... Whoa. I told T yesterday that this is it ~ beginning next year, I'm counting DOWN instead of UP. ;) We'll be going to my parents' house on the 28th for my family party, which should be fun. Maybe. Depending on how bad a mood my mom is in and if my headache is good or bad that day. *shrug* Heck, I really don't care too much about the party, to be honest. If I had my way, we'd have stopped these family parties when I was about 20. lol It will be good to see everyone, though, and that's the most important part of it.

My nephew is in town this week for a conference in Dallas. We're planning on picking him up Saturday for lunch and an outing somewhere. He graduated from high school this year and is going to college in the fall, so he's really growing up. The other nephew turned 17 last week and will graduate next year. I still can't believe that my SIL is old enough to have children that old ~ and she's two years behind me! lol

Maddy is fantastic. She's been loads of fun so far this summer, although she is getting a little bored already. She really misses the routine of school, I think ~ almost as much as I do! lol Her nurses have been taking her for walks in the neighborhood, and shopping at the local stores. She really loves getting out of the house for awhile, and seems to enjoy being outside, even though it is Africa Hot here right now! I can hardly believe that my little baby girl will be going to intermediate school next year. Of course, she has the attitude to show that she's a

T is great. His leg strength improves every day, it seems, and he is walking much better. Still working waaayyyy too many hours, but the checks are nice, so we try not to complain too much. We've been fortunate to have him home most of the spring/summer so far ~ and hope that it continues! He's working locally for now, although he has his resume out there all over the country. At some point, we'll probably pull up stakes and head for another city ~ or even another state. *gulp* The thought of moving away is a little frightening to this home-girl, but I'll follow him...I can't imagine not doing so.

It's about time for the 2 AM diaper change, so I am headed to do that now, and then to bed. I wonder if I'll be able to do any better with keeping up with my blog? Nah, probably not. Still ~ nice to know it's still here when I feel like checking in. ;)

G'night all ~

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