Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stupid Cowboys.

They LOST!


Ah well, after how the season started, and how it ended, we were lucky to even be in the Wild Card. Still ~ what a heartbreaker of a loss. I wonder if Tony Romo will ever recover from it?!? The last few minutes of the 4th quarter were just a comedy of errors. Stupid mistakes made by everyone! Of course, DH kept giving me a big ol' "I told you so!" all through the game, but I am a die-hard fan ~ I was just sure that they would pull it out and win. All we needed was a field goal ~ automatic, right?!? Wrong! Bitter tears were cried in my family room tonight. Bitter, bitter tears.

I don't know who I'm pulling for now ~ DH is all about the Colts (he has a serious "man crush" on Peyton Manning, who went to UT, which is where DH went) but I want to back a sure-thing now that my 'Boys are out of it. Any suggestions, football loving people out there? And sorry, I won't pull for any rivals ~ so no NFC East teams need apply.

Maddy enjoyed the first half of the game, then fell asleep in Daddy's lap. Little munchkin does NOT do night time football, people! Football is for Sunday afternoons ~ didn't you know that?!? lol I know, sweetie ~ but Mommy can't make the schedule, and trust me, I won't ever be watching a replay of THAT game! lol I already deleted it from the DVR.

Time to do the late night change, then hit the sack. Have a happy Sunday, y'all.

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