Saturday, April 22, 2006

DH update

We took him to the doctor last week, and the news wasn't so hot. He now has two areas of "non union fissure" ~ basically, two areas where the bone is no longer growing together. He got some new exercises to do, and we take him back on 5/25.

I'm really concerned. I had to leave and go pick Maddy up from the bus, so I wasn't able to talk to the doctor. Therefore, I have absolutely no idea what comes next if the exercises don't work. (He didn't ask...MEN!) Soooo...let's just hope that the exercises work...right?

Maddy is doing well. She's loving school, and really loves having Daddy home when she gets home. When he's working, he usually gets home just in time for a hug and kiss goodnight. She's pretty spoiled by all his attention. lol

My headaches still suck. Rocks. At least 3-4 days per week, I have a major migraine. Despite all the medications. Despite reducing stress. Despite everything. I guess this is just how my life will be from now on.

So there ya go ~ an update on all of us. How 'bout that? LOL

Have a grand weekend, ya'll ~

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