Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Test, and other stuff (of course!)

According to this test, I'm 97% (Dixie). Is General Lee your grandfather? LOL

Too funny. Ya know, I'm not Southern. I'm Texan. Yes, Virginia, there is a difference.

Maddy got birthday presents from her Aunt Sissy and Auntie Mis yesterday. They arrived wrapped in totally cool purple paper that had silver hologram stars all over it. She was extremely interested in the paper. Not so much in the unwrapping of the presents...but definitely the paper. lol She did like the rhinestone hearts on the sleep tank tops...really cool. And I love the fact that Aeropostale has a monkey for a mascot! (Aside: How do you pronounce that word, anyway? I asked my 17 year old niece, who said "Air-o-pahst'-ah-lee". I think "air-o-post-all' ". Is it regional? Anyway....) I constantly call Mads "monkey" ~ so appropriate. :) Thanks to two great aunts! {{{hugs}}} y'all! We love you. I'll get a pic of her for you as soon as she wears one of her new tees.

Gotta run ~ time to hook the wee one up for her evening feeding. She's gonna be pissed ~ I'll interrupt her afternoon nap.

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shannon said...

Happy birthday to your little girl. Hope she's having a great one. :)