Thursday, June 09, 2005

Midnight ramblings

T was blown away by the DVR. Score! Now we just have to rig some way to play the recordings and re-record them to the laptop. I'll be researching this...Google, here I come!

Momma made it home tonight. Her puppies were beside themselves, I'm sure. They were boarded at the vet's office, and they were both spayed while she was gone. Poor little chihuahuas. She named 'em Thelma and Louise, and they are devoted to her.

Tomorrow, K and I will be prepping my online "garage sale" of Maddy's clothing. Lots of pics, resizing, describing, etc. I think I'll teach K how to do the prep work. I doubt I will be able to sit at the computer that long, but at least we can get it started. I also need to take the large stuff (crib, two highchairs, etc.) to the resale shop.

The yard guy came today. The grass was getting really long. Poor T just doesn't have time to take care of it with this job. He usually works 6 days a week now. Gotta love summer.

List of things to do tomorrow:

  1. Prep for clothing sale. (This is an ongoing project ~ I hope to finish by 6/11.)
  2. Call Mom. (done)
  3. Bathe Maddy and wash her hair. (done)

If I get all three of those things done, I will consider it a really good day.

Night all.

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