Thursday, December 14, 2000

Can you believe that George W. Bush will be the 43rd president of the United States? Me either. I am appalled.

I just can't believe that there are people out there who actually voted for this moron. He just blows me away with his abuse of English (not that mine is so much better, mind you, but at least I have the good sense not to run for public office!) Besides, he always looks so...smug. Garry Trudeau ran a cartoon a few months ago that just captured the whole thing for said something to the effect of, "[W speaking to Bush, Sr.] Daddy, would somebody please tell them that I am supposed to be president next?!" Oh, please. Now the whole damned country can go to hell in a handbasket, just like my beloved state of Texas has...can anyone say, "Last place in education for the 2nd largest state in the Union?" I thought you could! Should make for an interesting four years.

I can feel my ulcer coming on, Edith, and it ain't a good thang.

More later...I need to take a chill pill.

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